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Meet Foxie, a Chimpanzee Used in Research

Foxie finally found peace at a Washington sanctuary

  • Foxie is one of seven chimpanzees who was rescued from a laboratory in Pennsylvania in 2008. Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

  • One of Foxie's children, Angie the 2nd, was taken away when she was only two days old. Save the Chimps

  • Foxie, who spent more than 30 years in a laboratory, is shown here enjoying a new hobby—collecting troll dolls. Chimpanzee Sanctuary NorthwestP>

  • Foxie has embraced sanctuary life and is enjoying her new home in Washington. Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Foxie was born in captivity over 30 years ago.

Since then, she has spent the majority of her life in a laboratory and was used not only in experiments but also as a "breeder". During that time she had at least four babies, including a set of twins, all of whom were taken away from her when they were very young.

One of her babies, named Angie the Second, was taken away from Foxie when she was only two days old. Fortunately, Angie is now living at Save the Chimps, a sanctuary in Florida.

Sadly, another one of Foxie's children—named Steve—is deceased and the whereabouts of her other two children, Kelsey and David, are unknown. It is likely they both still remain in laboratories somewhere in the U.S.

Thanks to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, who rescued Foxie and six other chimpanzees from a laboratory in 2008, Foxie is now beginning to enjoy her life and is adjusting quite well to her new surroundings—free from fear and distress. Her favorite new hobby is collecting troll dolls that she carries with her wherever she goes.

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