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Meet Patti, a Chimpanzee Used in Entertainment

Patti was raised by humans and spent fourteen years as an "entertainer"

  • chimp patti

    Patti wes reunited with her sister, who also lives at the sanctuary, after a nine year seperation. Chimps, Inc.

  • chimp patti

    Patti can now spend her time relaxing and enjoying life. Chimps, Inc.

Patti was born in 1982 to a mother who had no idea how to care for an infant. That's because when Patti's mother, Coby, was a baby, she was separated from her own mother. Since Coby couldn't care for her, Patti was raised by humans and spent the next 14 years as an "entertainer" at Marine World/Africa USA before she, like all chimpanzees do as they grow older and stronger, became too unpredictable to allow near the public.

Happily for Patti, when Marine World closed its doors, Chimps, Inc., a chimpanzee sanctuary, welcomed her with open arms. Chimps, Inc. also later took in Patti's sister, Thiele, and they immediately recognized each other, even after nine years of separation. Patti and Thiele now live with six other chimpanzees who were all former pets and/or used in entertainment. They now all have the opportunity to engage in more species-appropriate behaviors and will continue to live out the rest of their lives in a loving and supportive environment.

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