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Check Out the Winners!

Hundreds of animal lovers voted, the judges have made their decisions, and now the waiting is over—the winners of the 2010 Chimps Deserve Better Drawing Contest have been announced!

The contest, launched in August 2010, was created to celebrate chimpanzee sanctuaries and to draw attention to the plight of the more than 1,000 chimpanzees living in laboratories, used in entertainment or kept as pets across the country. Artists were encouraged to create drawings reflecting the 2010 theme, "A Tribute to Chimpanzee Sanctuaries."

With so many amazing drawings to choose from, the judges had an extremely difficult task. The two grand prize winners were chosen by celebrity judge and "MUTTS" cartoonist Patrick McDonnell, the People’s Choice winner was chosen by voters and the Prize-Winning Finalists and Honorable Mentions were chosen by staff at the Humane Society of the United States.

The Grand Prize winners will each receive an iPod touch, the six Prize-Winning Finalists will each receive $25, and the People's Choice Winner will receive $100.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who entered! 




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    Amy Alvarado
    Fort Myers, Florida
    8th grade

  • Alt text here

    Elizabeth Barstow
    Warwick, Rhode Island
    11th grade

  • Alt text here

    Sephora Bergiste
    Woonsocket, Rhode Island
    10th grade

  • Alt text here

    Jenna Deem
    New Florence, Pennsylvania
    6th grade

  • Alt text here

    David Dizdari
    Nutley, New Jersey
    7th grade

  • Alt text here

    Jordan Hall
    Fort Myers, Florida
    8th grade

  • Alt text here

    Theodore Labonte-Clark
    Baltimore, Maryland
    4th grade

  • Alt text here

    Kaleb Matlock
    Bowling Green, Kentucky
    1st grade

  • Alt text here

    Thomas Schneider
    West Warwick, Rhode Island
    11th grade


For their role in submitting a winning drawing, the following teachers will receive a $250 gift certificate for art supplies:


Wendy Feldman; Scituate High School; North Scituate, Rhode Island
- Julia O'Gara: Prize Winning Finalist (Grades 11-12)


Hillary Hill; John H. Walker Middle School; Nutley, New Jersey 
- Yoshio Ishikawa: Prize Winning Finalist (Grades 7-8) 


Kathy Gronostajski; St. Raphael School; Hamilton, New Jersey
- Catherine Albano: Prize Winning Finalist (Grades 9-10) and People's Choice Winner


Jennifer Brooks; Bristow Elementary School; Bowling Green, Kentucky
- Esme McKinney: Prize Winning Finalist (Grades K-2)