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Amazon.com Timeline

Online retailer no longer carries animal fighting material

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Materials promoting cockfighting and dogfighting are no longer listed on Amazon.com. iStockphoto

The Humane Society of the United States filed a lawsuit accusing Amazon of violating District of Columbia consumer protection and animal welfare laws as well as federal animal fighting and cruelty laws by selling dogfighting videos and cockfighting magazines.

The lawsuit is now moot after two major cockfighting magazines folded and the third altered its content significantly.

  • July 2006: The HSUS notified Amazon.com of its intent to file a lawsuit against the company for its sales of illegal animal fighting materials.


  • Feb. 2007: The HSUS sued Amazon.com, alleging its sale of animal fighting promotional materials violates state law and federal law. The lawsuit named cockfighting magazines The Feathered Warrior and The Gamecock as codefendants.


  • Feb. 2007: Amazon pulled the gruesome dogfighting video "Unleashed" from its inventory, but claimed that it had a First Amendment right to sell them. Speech promoting illegal activity done for commercial gain, however, is not protected.


  • July 2007: The HSUS filed a lawsuit to stop the U.S. Postal Service from delivering cockfighting magazines in violation of federal law.


  • May 2008: The Gamecock settled its lawsuit with the HSUS by agreeing to remove explicit ads promoting cockfighting from its pages, and by stopping its sales via Amazon.com.


  • July 2009: The final issue of The Feathered Warrior rolled off the presses. Publisher Verna Dowd lamented, ”They've passed so many laws, people can't even raise or sell their [fighting] chickens."


  • Aug. 2009: The U.S. Postal Service announced it would stop delivering magazines containing ads for animal fights or animal fighting implements.


  • Aug. 2009: Following in The Feathered Warrior’s footsteps, Grit and Steel became the second cockfighting magazine to fold.


  • Nov. 2009: The HSUS announced it would drop its lawsuit against Amazon.com.

    The HSUS won this battle against those who would promote cruel animal fighting. The larger war against illegal animal fighting continues. If you suspect cockfighting or dogfighting near you, call The HSUS' animal fighting tip line: 1-877-TIP-HSUS. You may be eligible for a $5,000 reward.

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