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Companies Pledge to Go Gestation-Crate-Free

New supply policies stop cruel gestation crates for pigs

pig graphic companies pledge to stop gestation crates

Most breeding pigs in the U.S. are confined in "gestation crates" for virtually their entire lives. While pregnant, they're confined to crates about two feet wide that nearly prevent them from moving. These intelligent and sensitive animals are so cramped that they can't turn around or take more than a step forward or backward, making their suffering among the worst of all factory-farmed animals.

Please join the movement to reject cruel gestation crates »

The HSUS is persuading companies that deal in pork to get gestation crates out of their supply chains. The more companies that get on the right side of history—and the more individuals who pledge to help pigs—the more awareness will spread that this kind of confinement is unacceptably cruel.

Watch a video about gestation crates »

Companies that have pledged to get pigs out of gestation crates

Applebee's ARAMARK Arby's
Atlantic Premium Brands Au Bon Pain Baja Fresh
Bon Appétit Management Co. Bruegger's Bagels Burger King
Campbell Soup Canyon's Burger Carl's Jr.
Carnival Cruise Lines Compass Group ConAgra Foods
Costco Cracker Barrel Denny's
Dunkin' Donuts Einstein Bros. Bagels General Mills
Hardee's Hormel Foods IHOP
Kroger La Salsa Mexican Grill Manhattan Bagels
Marriott International McDonald's Metz Culinary Management
Noah's New York Bagels Oscar Mayer Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Safeway Smithfield Foods Sodexo
Sonic SUBWAY Supervalu
Target The Cheesecake Factory Wendy's
Wienerschnitzel Williams Sausage Company  

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