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July 7, 2014

Progress for Egg-Laying Hens

The Humane Society of the United States

Arguably the most abused animals in agribusiness, the vast majority of laying hens in the United States are crammed into tiny cages so restrictive they can't even spread their wings. Our 'No Battery Eggs' campaign works with food retailers and manufacturers, food service companies, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, schools and other large egg users to phase out the use of eggs from birds confined in cages. Here are just a few noticeable advances:

January 2013ARAMARK, the largest U.S.-based food service company, announces it's switching all of its 30 million shell eggs it uses a year to cage-free by 2014.

January 2013Marriott International, which operations more than 3,700 properties in 74 countries and territories, announces it's switching to exclusively cage-free eggs by 2015.

January 2013Au Bon Pain restaurant chain announces it's switching to exclusively cage-free eggs by 2017.

September 2012Dunkin' Donuts announces it's switching 5 percent of its eggs to cage-free.

August 2012Sodexo, the second largest food service company in the world, switches all of its 39 million shell eggs to cage-free.

June 2012—Hyatt Hotels switches to exclusively cage-free eggs.

April 2012Burger King announces it's switching to exclusively cage-free eggs.

February 2012Bon Appétit Management Company becomes the first leading food service provider to switch to exclusively cage-free eggs.

July 2011ConAgra Foods switches one million eggs to cage-free.

April 2011—Food manufacturing giant General Mills announces it will switch 1 million eggs to cage-free.

February 2011—Whataburger, with more than 700 U.S. locations, starts using cage-free eggs.

January 2011—Barilla becomes the first pasta maker to start using cage-free eggs.

November 2010—Kraft Foods, the largest food manufacturer in the U.S., switches more than one million eggs to cage-free.

October 2010—Virgin America becomes the first airline to switch to cage-free eggs.

September 2010—Cookie maker Otis Spunkmeyer commit to phasing in cage-free eggs.

August 2010Royal Caribbean and Carnival become the first cruise lines to start switching to cage-free eggs.

July 2010—California passes a law requiring all whole eggs sold in the state to be cage-free by 2015.

June 2010—The HSUS reaches an agreement with Ohio's governor on a comprehensive animal welfare package that will, among other things, place a moratorium on construction of new battery cage factory farms.

May 2010—Sara Lee announces it's switching more than a million of its eggs to cage-free.

March 2010—IHOP announces that it will begin switching millions of eggs to cage-free.

March 2010—Subway, which has more locations than any other restaurant worldwide, becomes the first major restauarant cahin to announce that it will switch to 100% cage-free eggs.

February 2010—Hellmann's announces that it is converting to 100% cage-free eggs in its mayonnaise.

January 2010Sonic, which operates 3,500 restaurants, announces it will start using cage-free eggs.

January 2010— Wal-Mart announces that all its private-line eggs are 100% cage-free.

October 2009—The Michigan legislature approves a bill to ban battery cages statewide (by 2019).

June 2009Red Robin commits to switching all its eggs to cage-free.

May 2009Wendy's starts using some cage-free eggs.

November 2008—Nearly two-thirds of California voters pass the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, which criminalizes cages for laying hens throughout the state by 2015. 

February 2008—Breakfast giant Denny's starts using some cage-free eggs.

February 2008Safeway makes its first commitment to proactively begin increasing the number of cage-free eggs it sells.

December 2007—The world's largest food service provider, Compass Group, commits to use exclusively cage-free shell eggs in its operations.

March 2007—Fast food giant Burger King becomes the first major restaurant chain to start phasing in cage-free eggs.

March 2007—Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck switches to cage-free eggs for all his restaurants.

September 2006Ben & Jerry's begins phasing out battery-cage eggs.

November 2005—Trader Joe's announces that its brand eggs will be exclusively cage-free.

October 2005Bon Appétit Management Company announces that it will phase out the use of eggs from caged hens in all of its 400 cafés.

May 2005—Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats Natural Marketplace announce that they have ended sales of eggs from caged hens.

January 2005—No Battery Eggs Campaign begins. 

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