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Michael Vick's Speaking Events

Warning young people away from dogfighting

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Hopes are high that Michael Vick's anti-dogfighting message will resonate with disadvantaged young men who might otherwise be drawn into dogfighting. The HSUS

March 26, 2010, was a day that many young men from Chicago's west side are not likely to forget.

On that day they gathered at John Marshall High School to hear NFL star and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick talk about his troubled past with dogfighting.

His words to the crowd were strong: Don't be like me. Don't follow the rest of the crowd. Exercise good judgement. Be a compassionate person.

After his speech, Vick stayed for a 45-minute discussion session with a group of a dozen or so young men whose own past (and present) are similarly steeped in the horrors of dogfighting.

Vick's message has been consistent throughout his nationwide speaking engagements to youth in urban areas as part of his pledge to help The HSUS' End Dogfighting campaign, which seeks to end urban (or "street") dogfighting.

Vick's efforts with the End Dogfighting campaign continue. To date, he has also spoken to boys and young men in:

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