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Caesar Salad with Qrunch Burgers

  • This vegan Caesar salad offers extra protein with Qrunch burger bits serving as croutons. Gail Berrigan/The HSUS

Serves 4

1 large bunch Romaine lettuce
2 Qrunch burgers, prepared according to package
1 recipe vegan Caesar salad dressing
Fresh cracked black pepper to taste

Wash and dry the lettuce and separate the leaves. Tear the larger leaves into pieces in a large bowl. Chop the prepared Qrunch burgers into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle them over the lettuce.

Drizzle the salad with the Caesar dressing, sprinkle with pepper to taste, and toss gently.


All figures are per serving (assumes 4 servings).

Calories: 344
Fat: 25 g
Carbs: 21 g
Fiber: 5 g
Protein: 9 g
Sodium: 372 mg

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