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Five Ways to Boost Meatless Monday

  • Spread the word about Meatless Mondays. Michelle Riley/The HSUS

Everyone's talking about Meatless Monday these days.

If each American cut out meat just on Mondays, roughly 1.4 billion fewer animals would endure factory farms each year.

And according to the Sierra Club, it'd have the same environmental benefit as everyone switching from a standard sedan to a hybrid vehicle. It's a healthy move for us, too.

Now, you may know all that, but do your friends and family?

Here are five quick things you can do today to spread the word.

1. Facebook it.

From your 12-year-old niece to your grandma, everyone's on Facebook. Post The HSUS's Meatless Monday video  and ask your friends to take 3 minutes to watch it. It could change their lives.

2. Ask your favorite local restaurant to participate in Meatless Monday.

There are many ways they can participate, like adding more vegetarian options to their menus or offering a special deal for meat-free dishes on Monday. It can help drive business to their restaurant on an otherwise typically slow day. 

3. Email friends and family a link to The HSUS's Meatless Monday recipe of the week.

Encourage them to sign up. They'll get new recipes each Friday so they can shop for ingredients for Monday's meal.

4. Order copies of The HSUS's Guide to Meat-Free Meals.

Leave copies at your doctor's office, in the seat-back pocket on airplanes, or anywhere people might find it.

5. Share a meal.

You've heard that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. We think that's true for everyone! Share a meatless meal with friends and family and tell them why you're going meatless on Mondays.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook or email us at farmanimals@humanesociety.org to share your successes with us.

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