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Chicken-Friendly Products

Choice Eats

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Lightlife Chick'n Strips are ready to use in cooking. Lightlife

  • Gardein offers a variety of Chick'n products, like these filets. Gardein

Humane eaters have more choices than ever before. Increasingly, conventional and natural foods grocers stock a wide variety of mock chicken products that can be prepared just as you would non-vegetarian versions.

Our favorites?

Chicken-Free Patties

    • Boca's Original Chik'n Patties
    • Boca’s Spicy Chik’n Patties
    • Gardein’s Crispy Chick’n Patty
    • Gardein’s Crispy Chick’n Sliders
    • Health is Wealth’s Chicken-Free Patties
    • Lightlife’s Crispy Gold’n Chik’n Patties
    • MorningStar Farms’ Grillers Chik'n Veggie Patties
    • Yves’ Meatless Chicken Burger

    Chicken-Free Nuggets

    • Boca’s Original Chik'n Nuggets
    • Gardein’s Seven Grain Crispy Tenders
    • Gardein’s Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers
    • Gardein’s Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Wings
    • Health Is Wealth's Chicken-Free Buffalo Wings
    • Health Is Wealth's Chicken-Free Nuggets
    • Lightlife’s Crispy Gold’n Chik’n Nuggets

    Chicken-Free Strips

    • Beyond Meat’s Beyond Chicken Southwest Style Strips
    • Beyond Meat’s Beyond Chicken Grilled Strips
    • Beyond Meat’s Beyond Chicken Lightly Seasoned Strips
    • Gardein’s Teriyaki Chick’n Strips
    • Lightlife's Smart Strips Chick'n
    • Trader Joe's Chicken-less Strips

    Chicken-Free Meats

    • Gardein’s Chick’n Scallopini
    • Gardein’s Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n
    • Gardein’s Zesty Marinara Crispy Chick’n Filets
    • Match Meat’s Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken
    • Match Meat’s Ground Chicken
    • Target’s Simply Balanced Korean Barbecue Meatless Chicken
    • Target’s Simply Balanced Smokey Chipotle Meatless Chicken
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Chicken Drumsticks
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Chicken Tikka Masala
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Citrus Sparerib Cutlets
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Ginger Chicken
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Half Chicken
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Kung Pao Chicken
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Orange Chicken
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
    • Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Thai Curry Chicken Bowl
    • Westsoy’s Chicken-Style Seitan

    Chicken-Free Soups

    • Amy's No Chicken Noodle Soup
    • Fantastic Foods' Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup

    More Recipes

    Don't forget to check out the HSUS Guide to Vegetarian Eating for more suggestions and delicious recipes. 

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