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Delicious and Dairy-Free

The Humane Society of the United States

  • WholeSoy offers yogurts and frozen desserts in a variety of flavors. WholeSoy & Co.

  • Silk soy milk can be found in many supermarkets. White Wave Foods

  • So Delicious makes a variety of frozen desserts. So Delicious

  • Rice Dream non-dairy milk comes in vanilla, chocolate, plain, and enriched. Rice Dream

  • On the go? Carry a few packets of SoyGo to lighten your coffee. SavingOpusOne

Every time we go to the grocery store, we see that the number of dairy-free foods is soaring. From ice cream to pizza, alternatives to products made with cow's milk are popular and taste great.

More and more people are choosing to abstain from cow's milk because of concerns about cruelty to animals, personal health, environmental protection and food allergies. Fortunately, for people concerned about any of the above, there's an abundance of widely available dairy substitutes.

It's never been easier to go dairy-free while topping your favorite cereal and enjoying ice cream, pudding, pizza, yogurt, smoothies and more. And in baking, non-dairy products can be easily substituted for dairy.

Increasingly, conventional and natural-foods grocers stock a wide variety of dairy-free desserts, milks and spreads that can be prepared just as you would non-vegetarian versions.

Try some of our favorite dairy-free staples and treats.

Dairy-Free Milk Substitutes


Rice Dream Rice Milk


Silk Soymilk

Dairy-Free Creamer Substitutes


SoyGo Soy Creamer

Silk Soy Creamer

Dairy-Free Desserts


So Delicious Purely Decadent Frozen Desserts


Zen Soy Pudding

Dairy-Free Cheese


Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese



Dairy-Free Butter Substitute Spreads


Earth Balance Spreads



Dairy-Free Yogurt


WholeSoy Yogurt


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