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Factory farms, often confining thousands of animals, are major culprits in climate change. These mega-farms create huge amounts of manure that pollute the soil, water, and air. Animal factories also waste grain, water, fuel, and other resources.

Help farm animals and the planet by eating green.

The animals in factory farms suffer and die, and pollution from these operations harms the health and quality of life of people living nearby. Confined farm animals in the United States produce three times more waste than people.

Meat, egg, and milk production also waste natural resources. Half the world's grain crops are fed to the world's 65 billion farm animals—when more than a billion people suffer from hunger.

Protect the planet, farm animals, and people by:


"A River of Waste" Exposes The Hazards of Factory Farming

Looking into pollution from animal agriculture, a filmmaker heard reputable scientists compare factory farms to "mini Chernobyls."

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