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The pitiless fur industry mistreats and kills more than 50 million animals a year. With many warm, chic alternatives available, there’s no reason to wear animal fur. More and more designers and retailers are making compassion their fashion, so check our list before you shop.

Avoiding animal fur saves lives and reduces suffering.

HSUS investigators found that many garments containing animal fur are incorrectly advertised or labeled—sometimes even tagged as faux. Often the fur comes from raccoon dogs. The only way for a company to be sure they aren’t duping their customers is to stop selling animal fur.

HSUS works with designers and retailers, even fashion design students, to show how alternatives to fur continue to improve, allowing the look of fur without the cruelty.

Our resources can help you tell the difference [PDF] and shop more humanely.

Take on the Fur Trade

Want to know how to stop the fur trade in its tracks? Let us be your guide. We've got something for everyone—low key to high energy. It all helps.

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