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Help End Greyhound Racing

No one wins a race that harms dogs

Greyhound racing is a dying industry, yet still affects the lives of thousands of dogs. Many racing greyhounds are seriously injured at the tracks. These social creatures are kept in confined housing, getting little socialization or exercise. They are often treated with anabolic steroids and fed meat from dying and diseased livestock.

The industry is on the decline, but still exists. Eliminating greyhound racing is possible through education, compassion and action. Help keep the trend away from greyhound racing going with a few simple actions of your own:

1. Don't patronize greyhound tracks or bet on dog racing.

2. Educate your friends, family and co-workers about the realities of greyhound racing, and encourage them to boycott greyhound racing and betting.

3. Consider volunteering your time or expertise to a greyhound protection organization.

4. Write to your state officials to express your opposition if you live in a state that operates greyhound racing tracks or a state that has not yet banned greyhound racing (you can get state by state details here). Tell them that greyhounds belong in loving homes, not on race tracks.

5. Consider contacting a greyhound rescue group if you are interested in adopting a greyhound companion. Many dogs are discarded by the industry every year, and they often make wonderful pets.

6. Contact The HSUS for model legislation to ban greyhound racing.

7. Share this information with your social networks on Facebook and Twitter.


Eliminating greyhound racing and the cruel practices that surround the sport will ensure that these beautiful dogs live out their lives in dignity.

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