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Public outreach

The Humane State team designs an outreach protocol based on the specific needs of each community.

Public Outreach

Some or all of the items below may be used to raise public awareness surrounding animal issues:

  • Developing local coalitions with Veterinary Boards, Veterinary Associations, shelters and the larger rescue community to move towards transparency between all parties involved regarding spay/neuter numbers, adoption numbers and euthanasia numbers.
  • Working with organizations such as local industries, tourism and social services to determine ways to engage the public in the value of spay/neuter, vaccines and animal related issues.
  • Creating positive media support for the animal welfare community.
  • Designing billboards and other public service messages.
  • Participating in community events.
  • Soliciting local officials and celebrities to get involved in campaigning for responsible care for animals
  • Visiting underserved communities to provide resources and information
  • Designing and printing hand out materials for law enforcement and animal control
  • Enlisting community volunteer leaders in high-risk areas
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