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Shelter & rescue

Shelter training can cover a wide variety of topics and needs, with multiyear programs available.

Download the Humane State course module booklet (PDF) »

Shelter Training Topics

In the past, we've offered trainings on the following topics for shelters and rescue groups:

  • Adoptions
  • Animal Handling
  • Behavior & Enrichment
  • Bonding & Forfeiture
  • BSL
  • Cats in shelters - housing, handling
  • Collaboration/Networking
  • Community Cats/TNR
  • Community Preparedness
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Customer Service
  • Disaster Planning
  • EPP Program
  • Event planning (adoption events, fundraisers, community outreach, etc.)
  • Facility Preparedness
  • Five Freedoms
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Incident Command Structure (ICS)
  • Pet Retention Programs
  • Pets & Rental Housing
  • Pets For Life
  • Puppy Mills, Pet Stores & Shelters
  • Sanitation
  • Shelter Animals Count
  • Social Media
  • Veterinary topics (intake exams, vaccines, daily rounds, etc.)
  • Virtual Consultant/ASV Guidelines
  • Volunteer programs
  • Working with Law Enforcement
  • Legislation/Lobbying

Example Shelter and Rescue Training Agenda

Year One

  • Compassion Fatigue Training: Understanding Compassion Fatigue and the ability to positively influence your own experience no matter what the context
  • Working with Law Enforcement: Developing relationships with law enforcement to achieve success for all parties involved
  • Building Humane Communities: A holistic approach to provide support & resources to pet lovers from all communities

Year Two

Five Freedoms
Customer Service
Bonding & Forfeiture

  • What are they and how do they impact your animal work?
  • Understanding the process
  • Relationship with law enforcemen
  • Warrants

Grant writing – and getting!

  • Finding grants
  • Navigating the application process
  • Creating proposals that wow funders

New National Initiatives – programs to help YOU save more lives!

  • Million Cat Challenge
  • Shelter Animals Count
  • The latest on best practices

If you are interested in a training for your shelter, contact us.