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Here is what others are saying about the Humane State Program:

Oklahoma Law Enforcement Training

  • Wildlife and exotic animal training in Tulsa Oklahoma, as a part of Humane Oklahoma. Photo: Brandi Simons / AP

“The information provided about other crimes associated with animal cruelty was invaluable. I also think the resources available to us both in-state and national is essential to know when investigating these crimes. The bag of equipment the HSUS provided is a big asset, especially with current financial restraints on small departments. Thanks!”

– Preston Rodgers, McAlester Police Department, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

“The training today had excellent information and the instructors were very knowledgeable. I really liked how they talked about the relationship between animal cruelty and other crimes and what signs to look for in puppy mills and dog fighting.”

– Melissa Travis-Neal, Oklahoma Attorney General

“With little to no training available to them, law enforcement is at an extreme disadvantage in the fight against animal abuse. The HSUS is a leader in training law enforcement to identify and combat animal cruelty on all levels and we are excited to support the Humane State Program.”

– John Thompson, Deputy Executive Director, National Sheriffs’ Association

“The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police is in support of the Humane Society of the U.S. for providing information and training to law enforcement in Oklahoma on the investigation of animal cruelty, abuse, dog fighting, cockfighting, and puppy mills. More than 700 law enforcement personnel registered to attend the one day classes at five different locations in the state which clearly shows the need for this type training.”

– Chief Phil Cotten, Executive Director, Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police

Puerto Rico Sister Shelter Project

  • United States shelters visiting their sister shelters in Puerto Rico. HSUS

"We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude. The Sister Shelter Project is most likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. We went to Puerto Rico not having any idea what to expect and came back to Colorado wanting to change the world for Centrode Proteccion y Adopcion de San Juan. The shelter has done an amazing job with the limitations it has to work under. The staff is so passionate about what they do and it shows in the care they give the animals.We are looking forward to sharing their story with everybody at Larimer Humane Society and we think they will all be as excited as we are to see what positive changes we can affect. Thank you again for this opportunity and we will work to make this a long and prosperous relationship."

-Chrystal Freeman, Sergeant Animal Protection and Control

"There are moments when you work in animal welfare that it truly hits home about why you do what you do. We think the biggest impact for us was meeting the incredibly dedicated and compassionate people that run our sister shelter. They are clearly overworked, understaffed, under resourced and facing challenges our shelter has not seen in over 20 years. Despite all of this, they remain steadfast in what they do striving forward for the animals in their care even with all the trials they face daily. We are honored to be one of the humane societies chosen to mentor and assist a sister shelter. Since arriving home, ideas of how to help and how to proceed have been at the forefront of our thoughts. We cannot thank Maddie’s Fund and HSUS enough for reaching out to the very deserving animal welfare community in Puerto Rico and for allowing us to be involved in this inspirational journey."

-Karen Burns, Operations Director, Humane Society of Central Oregon

“Our children see how we treat these beings. They can learn to love and care for them or to mistreat them. So if we want a better society tomorrow, we need to build it today.”

– César A. Miranda Rodríguez, Secretary of Justice, Puerto Rico

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