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The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico drew public attention to the devastating effects of pollution on ocean animals and habitats. Years later, the Gulf spill continues its damage: Dead dolphins still wash up on beaches in large numbers, while fish populations are slow to recover. And this is only one example of the dangerous effects chemical, solid and noise pollution are having on marine life.

  • Chemicals: Oil, PCBs and other toxins kill marine animals and plants.
  • Solids: Plastic six-pack rings wrap around animals' snouts and necks, making it hard for them to breathe or eat, and fishing lines slice off flukes and fins.
  • Noise: Scientists believe the U.S. Navy's sonar causes mass strandings of dolphins and whales.

The HSUS works on many fronts to protect the marine life from these pollutants.

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