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Richard Berman is a Beltway insider who apparently scams the Internal Revenue Code to attack charities and defend corporate interests. Story on the blog» Then see Bloomberg.com»

  • Phony charities set up for corporations


    Per the federal tax code, nonprofit organizations must be set up for the public good. But Richard Berman explicitly set up his entities to benefit corporations. see the documents

  • "Charity" proceeds funnel back to Berman & Co., Inc.

    Per the federal tax code, funds raised by nonprofit organizations cannot flow to a private individual. But some of Richard Berman's charities have paid more than 92 percent of their expenses to Richard Berman and his for-profit corporation. see the documents

  • For the media

    Journalists: Please contact Anna West at 301.258.1518 or awest@humanesociety.org for an interview or more information.

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  • More about Berman

    Richard Berman works for corporate clients to attack entities like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. learn more

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