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Safari Club International's True Face

Leadership and membership

The Humane Society of the United States

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Safari Club International's membership and leadership are composed of trophy collectors, not conservationists.

Skimming through SCI's record books, you will find that well over 100 members each have more than 100 different animals entered on the record book pages. More than 30 have more than 200. One member even has a whopping 619 animals listed.   


SCI members are not your average hunters.

  • The average SCI member boasts an annual income of more than $100,000 (only six percent of hunters earn this much) and owns 11 rifles, six shotguns, five handguns, and a bow.

  • Two thirds of SCI members spend more than one month hunting each year, and a quarter spend more than 50 days.

One member in Houston, Texas, has more than 600 trophy animals listed on the pages of SCI's trophy books. They include argali sheep, Nile crocodiles, African elephants, barasingha (endangered), buffalo, scimitar-horned oryx (endangered), addax (endangered), southern white rhinos, hippos, dama gazelle (endangered), seven African lions, four African leopards, bears, wolves and Canada lynx.

More than 50 of these animals were killed on captive hunts.


The SCI leadership isn't far behind in the mania to display dead animals.

  • President Ralph S. Cunningham has more than 200 entries in SCI's trophy record book, including more than 20 animals killed on captive hunting ranches and several endangered species. 

  • Dennis Anderson, SCI's President-Elect, has almost 100 entries in SCI's record book, including animals shot in pens, endangered species, the "African Big 5" (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) and a polar bear.

  • Vice President Lawrence Rudolph has almost 200 entries, including at least 16 animals killed on captive hunting ranches. He also killed the "African Big 5" and a polar bear.

Updated April 7, 2008 

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