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End Animal Suffering in University Experiments

Find Out Where Your School Stands  |  FAQs   Download Advocacy Resources

There's a dirty little secret on many college campuses around the country.

Each year, billions of taxpayer dollars are funneled to universities where harmful experiments on hundreds of thousands of dogs, cats, monkeys, guinea pigs, hamsters and other animals are conducted. In some cases, these animals suffer severely.

In one example at Virginia Commonwealth University, a rabbit was not removed from her cage before it was sent through a washing machine. Cage washing machines typically reach temperatures of up to 180 degrees. One can hardly imagine the severe pain and distress she experienced as she was scalded to death. 

There are too many stories like this one. That's why we’ve asked over 500 universities to ensure that no animals in their care experience severe suffering.

More than 65 schools in 30 states have enacted policies to prevent severe animal pain and distress, yet others have refused to adopt a policy and hundreds more have failed to indicate whether they already have—or would be willing—to make such a commitment.

Please, be a voice for animals at university laboratories. Find out where your school stands »

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