Puppy mills add to pet overpopulation and keep countless dogs in misery. Responsible breeders want to stop the cruelty of puppy mills.

Responsible dog breeders are vital partners in our work to make every dog healthy and happy.


Responsible dog breeders can play a vital role in the effort to help stop puppy mills by offering perspective and guidance on the proper ways to care for breeding dogs and puppies and educating prospective buyers about the importance of humane care.

For too long, there has been a perceived rift between the responsible dog breeding community and the animal welfare community. This rift has been exploited by puppy mills and all those who profit from the substandard, commercial dog breeding community. It is time for us to stand together against this cruel industry.

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Think you know where The HSUS stands on breed-specific legislation? You might be surprised to find out the truth.

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