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AKC’s Most Popular Breeds Found in Puppy Mills

  • A Labrador retriever rescued from a Pennsylvania puppy mill. Bill Smith/Main Line Animal Rescue

  • Left: A German shepherd at a Tennessee puppy mill (Laura Bevan/The HSUS). A golden retriever found at a Pennsylvania puppy mill. (Bill Smith/Main Line Animal Rescue)

  • A Yorkshire terrier at a North Carolina puppy mill. Michelle Riley/The HSUS 

  • A beagle rescued from a Tennessee puppy mill. Laura Bevan/The HSUS

  • A boxer found at an Indiana puppy mill. Anne Sterling/The HSUS

  • A bulldog rescued from a Maryland puppy mill. Kathleen Summers/The HSUS

  • A dachshund and her puppies rescued from a West Virginia puppy mill. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

  • A poodle rescued from a North Carolina puppy mill. Frank Loftus/The HSUS

  • A rottweiler and her puppies in a too-small cage at a Missouri puppy mill. USDA

The American Kennel Club recently released the 10 most popular dog breeds for the previous year, and The Humane Society of the United States has found these very breeds in inhumane puppy mills across the country.

The HSUS warns that puppy mills profit from trendy breeds and challenges the AKC to do more to fight puppy mills.

The HSUS and Main Line Animal Rescue have rescued thousands of dogs, including each of the AKC's top breeds, from U.S. puppy mills. In fact, some puppy mills specialize in AKC-registered dogs.

Watch the TODAY Show's piece on the link between the AKC and puppy mills.

The AKC's top 10 breeds for 2012, starting with the most popular, are:

View photos of these breeds that were rescued from puppy mills on the slider above.

"The HSUS receives complaints every day from consumers who thought they purchased their dog from a reputable source, but instead, the dog came from a puppy mill," said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. "We invite compassionate breeders, especially those who focus on these highlighted breeds, to work with us to ensure every puppy born comes from a healthy, well cared-for pet, not an abused puppy mill breeding dog."

Sign the pledge to help stop puppy mills »

For tips on finding a good breeder, visit humanesociety.org/puppy. For information on pet adoption, visit: humanesociety.org/adopt.

To learn more about puppy mills, visit humanesociety.org/puppymills.

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