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Breeders Advisory and Resource Council

These responsible breeders work with us to help dogs in puppy mills

  • Responsible breeders raise puppies in a home setting. The HSUS

The HSUS Breeders Advisory and Resource Council (BARC) is composed of responsible breeders from around the country who have a particular interest in improving the lives of dogs bred in the inhumane, commercial breeding facilities known as puppy mills. BARC members work with the HSUS to help the public to identify responsible breeders and to avoid supporting puppy mills. Additionally, members provide input and advice on public policy decisions.

"We want to protect our right to be responsible breeders and to enjoy and bond with our dogs in show and performance events, but if we think for one minute that ignoring the problem of cruelty to animals makes us responsible breeders and protects our rights, I believe we're wrong. We can no longer sweep puppy mills under the rug."
— Kathryn McGriff, responsible breeder and AKC Breeder of Merit

Responsible breeders in the news

Ted Paul, a breeder of champion dogs with a distinguished past as an AKC dog judge and past presidencies with the Collie Club of America, the Purebred Dog Breeders and Fanciers Association, and the Cleveland Collie Club.

Responsible breeders speak out about dog care


Read quotations and articles by breeders with the dogs' best interests at heart.

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