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Responsible Breeders Speak Out

Voicing concerns about dogs

Responsible breeders are a diverse group, devoted to diverse breeds, but they all care about the welfare of dogs and puppies.

The following sampler of articles and comments explores the perspectives of responsible breeders and why they operate the way they do.


A letter to the Burbank (Calif.) Leader from Rene Karapetian, on why she no longer sells puppies at her pet store.


Hawaii Military Pets talks with a small breeder about creating relationships with buyers and inviting inspections of their housing and care of the dogs—not possible with pet stores.


  • High Volume Breeders Committee, Five Years Later

The Canine Chronicle's Gretchen Bernardi reviews the progress, or lack thereof, in 2008, five years after the American Kennel Club received recommendations from the High Volume Breeders Committee on breeding dogs for retail.


Rev. Earl E. Johnson, a disaster relief chaplain, explores the emotional support dogs provide us, and how we can look out for them in return, on the Huffington Post.


Bulldogs as a breed are in trouble, because inbreeding and breeding for "extreme traits," like the massive and short-faced head, are detrimental to the health and welfare of dogs. The New York Times Magazine lays out the issues.

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The HSUS, continued the conversation with his blog on the health problems of bulldogs and the need for care in breeding them.


The originator of the labradoodle now regrets his creation and indicts unscrupulous breeders.


Visit the PupQuest website, in which licensed veterinarians warn against the health problems that puppy mill dogs can carry.


A call for change

This open letter from a member of The HSUS's Breeders Advisory and Resource Council ties together the previous two articles, urging responsible breeders to work together against puppy mills.

This New York Times Magazine article ... and the HSUS blog [are] a must-read for those wanting to hear where we might be going in terms of breeding purebred dogs.

It is my hope that the American Kennel Club responds to these concerns in a constructive fashion and takes a real stand against puppy mills and other unethical breeding practices.

For the past three years, I have advocated for the American Kennel Club to adjust their strategies when it comes to these issues. At this point, I have only seen them oppose all breeding regulations, with no recommended solutions to alleviate these concerns.

I hope this blog, courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States, is one small step in that process. All parties (humane welfare activists and reputable breeders) should be sitting at the same table and discussing how we can best protect our beloved animals.

I am happy to report that HSUS does have a breeder advisory committee. I have been asked to join this group, and although I am not what I would consider an experienced breeder, I deeply feel we have got to make changes in the way certain breeds are bred and, we must take a stand against inhumane backyard breeders and puppy mills. I love Boxers, and wish nothing but good things for our special, wonderful, goofy dogs.

And as a community, we must still create solutions to combat pet overpopulation.

Theresa Donnelly
Secretary, Boxer Club of Hawaii

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