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Commercial fishing is devastating shark populations. On a smaller scale—but perhaps more ugly—are shark killing tournaments, which offer big money to fishermen who kill big sharks.

Sharks have far more reason to fear people than we have to fear them. All along U.S. shores, fishermen compete in shark killing contests to see who can catch the largest or the most sharks.
These grisly spectacles portray as heroes fishermen who hook, bleed, gaff, and suffocate a shark to death simply for trophies, bragging rights, and cash prizes.
The HSUS is working with the public in communities that still hold shark killing tournaments to encourage them to celebrate ocean life instead of destroying it. Is there a shark hunt near you? We can help you stop it.

Tournaments aren't the only threat to sharks: The HSUS and its international arm, Humane Society International, are also working to end the cruel practice of shark finning—cutting off a shark's fins and discarding the animal at sea to die.

Protecting the Predators

Tens of millions of sharks are killed every year worldwide. We're asking marinas to join us in taking a stand against the killing.

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