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Whaling nearly drove several species to extinction, so nations agreed to a ban on commercial whaling. But some countries kill thousands of whales every year and are pushing to start full-scale commercial whaling again. Help us make the oceans safe.

“Save the whales” isn’t an old-fashioned idea—whaling is. People don’t need whale products, including meat.

Commercial whaling is intolerably inhumane and unsustainable. Whales face so many other threats: entanglement in debris and fishing gear, chemical and noise pollution, and climate change.

Join our Save Whales Not Whaling campaign and let governments and corporations know you want the slaughter to end for good.

Exposing the Lie of Japan's "Research" Whaling

A global team of researchers using non-lethal methods has learned new facts about the largest marine mammals on the planet—proving that we don't have to kill whales to study them. Let's end Japan's so-called "research" whale hunting.

Learn the truth

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