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These icons of the American West still need help. We can end the capture and killing of thousands of horses every year.

Wild horses—mustangs—inhabit the plains and mountains of ten western states. For years, ranchers have pressured the government to control their numbers by rounding them up and offering them to the public for adoption.

There aren't enough homes, so tens of thousands of wild horses are held in facilities—a far cry from the freedom and close social connections of their natural lives.

In 2004, a change to the law made it legal for wild horses in holding facilities to be sold for slaughter. Help The HSUS restore legal protections to wild horses and burros and persuade the government to manage populations with humane, effective, economical methods.

Compassion and Concern for Wild Horses

The Bureau of Land Management has announced new policies designed to increase public transparency and ensure the humane treatment of wild horses.

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