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The perception that animals are “overpopulated” in certain areas generally overlooks the fact that their habitat may have been eaten away by development, or their natural predators may have been removed. Whatever the reason, The HSUS is the leading advocate and innovator in humane wildlife-population control.

The HSUS is a leader in the emerging field of immunocontraception—a humane way to control animal populations where it’s necessary and appropriate. This method safely uses the body's immune response to prevent pregnancy without harming the animal or the population as a whole.

Immunocontraception has been used to control deer and wild horse populations across the United States and elephant populations in South Africa.

female white-tail deer crossing paved road


Non-Lethal Deer Management OKed in Virginia

To humanely reduce the city's white-tailed deer population, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries approved a non-lethal surgical sterilization project proposed by the city of Fairfax, Va.

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