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2010 Election Reports: Missouri's Prop B, Arizona's Prop 109

Wayne's blog: VICTORY!

Brandy puppy mill mom 270x224

Michelle Riley/The HSUS

7:04 p.m. EST

Back from the Brink in Missouri: Prop B to Bring End to Puppy Mill Cruelty

I feel a deep sense of relief today, with victory on the puppy mill ballot measure in Missouri behind us. As the votes from rural counties were being posted on the state’s official website, Prop B fell behind, and badly so. At one point, we were trailing by 200,000 votes, and we hadn’t even gained the 40 percent mark. The mood in the auditorium at the Humane Society of Missouri in St. Louis was somber. Then some of the suburban and urban counties of Kansas City and St. Louis started to deliver partial returns. Our numbers started to climb, and the mood in the room turned to one of nervous excitement. Vote by vote, we were closing the gap.

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2:12 a.m. EST

We have declared victory in Missouri on Prop B! We are winning now by 38,000, and we expect that margin to increase! What a night for the dogs!

Missouri is the number one puppy mill state in America. We now have a pathway to turn this terrible situation around.

Thank you everyone for your support. This was an incredible victory.

We also won in Arizona—defeating Prop 109. We protected our right to advance animal protection initiatives and turned back this terrible effort by the NRA.

It was an incredible night for animal protection, going into a strong headwind. We are elated!

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12:30 a.m. EST

It is now almost a virtual tie in Missouri, with only 21 votes separating the two parties with 1.75 million votes cast.  Additional votes are coming in, and probably from the cities and suburban counties.

In Arizona, which was our second priority, the numbers are looking good in our effort to defeat Prop 109.  This was the effort pushed by the NRA and it was a power grab.  The NRA poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we rose to that challenge and told the people of Arizona that this was an attempt to take away their voting rights.

Stay tuned to Wayne's blog for the latest on tonight's results »

November 2, 2010, 11:50 p.m. EST

The race in Missouri is just about 50/50 right now.  More than 1.6 million votes have been counted, and the margin is only about 6,500.  It’s going to change by the minute, and it can go either way.

Stay tuned to Wayne's blog for the latest on tonight's results »

November 2, 2010,  11 p.m. EST 

In a wave election for Republicans, preliminary numbers do not look all that promising in Missouri, where Prop B to crack down on puppy mills is on the ballot.  The numbers are still rolling in, but the rural vote against Prop B is very strong and the race promises to go down to the wire.  The opponents mounted a late advertising campaign, combined with a rural whisper campaign, that Prop B threatened cattle ranching and other forms of animal agriculture. 

Domesticated dogs are the only species mentioned in Prop B, so it was a fabricated argument, but one that got traction throughout the state.  The opponents also falsely argued that current laws are sufficient, but they are just not enforced.  In fact, Missouri’s standards are weak, and that’s why so many mills have congregated in the state.  I’ll provide updates as more numbers roll in.

Stay tuned to Wayne's blog for the latest on tonight's results »

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