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Wayne's Blog: It’s Time to Bench the Super Bowl Chimp Ads

Wayne's Blog: A Humane Nation

  • A chimpanzee at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Michelle Riley/The HSUS

Like so many people, I am looking forward to Super Bowl rematch of the Giants and Patriots (my father, a retired football coach, roots for the Giants, but there are a lot of Patriots fans in my world, given that I come from southern New England).

Like a lot of people, too, I am looking forward to this year’s commercials, but with a few glaring exceptions. CareerBuilder will air another ad featuring chimpanzees, dressed in office attire, engaging in silly, demeaning and unnatural behaviors. It’s a crass throwback to vaudeville acts with animals, and by going with this theme a third time, CareerBuilder has distinguished itself as a loser in the corporate social responsibility game.

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