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Wayne's Blog: 110 Chimpanzees from New Iberia Research Center Will Be Safe from Testing

Wayne's Blog: A Humane Nation

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Today, we received a telling sign that the United States will soon see the end of invasive experiments on chimpanzees, bringing to a close a long, sad, and inhumane chapter in the history of American science and public health. Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), spoke with me this morning to tell me about NIH’s plan to move all of the government-owned chimpanzees out of the New Iberia Research Center—the site of a 2009 HSUS undercover investigation that exposed bad human behavior and poor conditions for chimpanzees.

The NIH has decided that all 110 federally-owned chimpanzees will be removed from New Iberia by August of 2013. The agency plans to move 10 chimpanzees to Chimp Haven (a sanctuary in Keithville, La.) and approximately 100 others to the Southwest National Primate Research Center—a laboratory in San Antonio, Texas. NIH will be classifying all of these chimpanzees as “permanently ineligible” for use in research, so there’s no risk that these chimps moved to Texas would be placed back into research.

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