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Wayne's Blog: Our Biggest Animal Stories of 2012

Wayne's Blog: A Humane Nation

  • More than 100 chimpanzee will be moved from New Iberia Research Center to the Chimp Haven sanctuary. HSUS

Good people won’t tolerate cruelty, and that’s one of the main drivers of our relentless efforts to expose the broader public to the abuse, suffering, and neglect that animals endure at human hands. This is perhaps our greatest charge. At The HSUS, we have big platforms to distribute our message in an unfiltered way — humanesociety.org, All Animals magazine, Animal Sheltering magazine, our HumaneTV app, our YouTube channel and our Facebook and Twitter platforms — but we also rely on the media to increase public awareness and allow us to make our case to the public.

We are here to build awareness and to instigate reform. And here’s my summary of the biggest news stories for 2012 — cases where The HSUS either generated the coverage or contributed to public discussion in a serious way.

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