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Wayne's Blog: A Scientific Indictment of Animal Research and Testing

Wayne's Blog: A Humane Nation

  • Researchers' reliance on mice in research is increasingly being questioned. iStockphoto.com

“What are the alternatives to using animals in medical research?” This is a legitimate question I am often asked, and now, due to scientific innovation and increasing evidence of the shortcomings of animal research, it is becoming easier to answer.

A newly published scientific paper shows that a reliance on mice in medical research has been potentially useless for three major, often-fatal conditions: sepsis, burns and trauma. The 10-year study, worked on by 39 scientists from across the country, reports that humans and mice respond to inflammation completely differently.

According to The New York Times, the researchers could not, initially, get their paper published because the results from the human studies were so different from the mouse studies that no one thought the findings were accurate. This highlights how strongly and uncritically some scientists continue to believe that because mice are mammals, their biology and physiology are comparable to our own.

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