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April 10, 2013

Canadian Seal Slaughter Begins Again

A sealer drags a seal across the ice (2013 slaughter)

Frank Loftus/HSUS

I had hoped not to produce a blog like this—one that announces the start of yet another sealing season in Atlantic Canada. But despite the collapse of the sealing economy, it persists, solely because of the wide range of subsidies provided by the Canadian government. Rebecca Aldworth, the director of Humane Society International-Canada, was on the scene, and I asked her to produce a dispatch.

As we fly over the harp seal nursery, we are seeing the worst sea ice conditions I have ever witnessed here. Where there should be solid sea ice there is just open water and tiny, broken ice pans. But the slaughter goes on, with the sealers shooting every seal pup they find.

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