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Wayne's Blog: Rick Berman's Debut in Canada Flops

Wayne's Blog: A Humane Nation

  • Many people see that gestation crates for mother pigs are on their way out. Not Rick Berman, who runs an industry front group. The HSUS

When Rick Berman of the front group Center for Consumer Freedom isn't shilling for liquor interests, junk food peddlers, or the tanning bed industry, he's cuddling up to a wide variety of sectors causing harm to animals. He's got a big following among cockfighters, seal clubbers, puppy millers, factory farmers, and others. Their websites and social media accounts go aflutter and atwitter when he trots out his false framing of The HSUS and our work. He's their hero.

Recently, Berman took a trip to Manitoba, Canada, to try to drum up support among industrial pig farmers to fight The HSUS on the gestation crate issue. He rolled out his standard myths, hoping for another contract from yet another animal use group to run silly ads or videos, or to write more blogs about The HSUS.

How successful was he?

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