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500+ Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mill

40-year cycle of abuse finally shut down

The Humane Society of the United States

The HSUS Puppy Mill Task Force is compiled of three departments working together for one common goal. This week the investigations department, puppy mill campaign and emergency services department all came together to shut down a 40-year cycle of abuse at Klassic Kennels in Kaufman County, Texas.

Now, 542 animals have begun a new life, removed from a life of neglect and constant confinement. We received a call for help from the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake and the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department just 48 hours before we were needed to report to the scene of this large-scale rescue. We assembled a team of responders for evidence, sheltering, field and medical support.

Now, 542 animals have begun anew, removed from a life of neglect and constant confinement.

Our determination to run a smooth and successful rescue operation only increased today as we set foot on the property. The sight of filthy, neglected animals sparked our compassion—this particular puppy mill housed hundreds of frail, frightened animals in filthy wire crates throughout a 10-acre property.

Our team first concentrated on the vulnerable newborn puppies—removing several litters of day-old pups who had been living in pools of waste.

Although these puppies were especially defenseless, all of the animals at the mill were at the complete mercy of their owners.

The Fallout of Neglect

Like all puppy mill dogs, these were denied even basic medical care or socialization. The task of rescuing nearly 550 mostly unsocialized animals was daunting, but I'm proud that our team held strong throughout the day and managed to clear the property by midnight.

It's 5 A.M., and we've been up for 24 hours. I am physically and emotionally exhausted but filled with satisfaction. I sometimes struggle with fresh ways to describe the unimaginable suffering that we witness on a regular basis, as our team spends well over 50 percent of our time on the road rescuing animals.

But I can tell you that each animal we save has his or her own story that I can never fully describe here.

Each animal is unique, but our ability to offer them salvation is the common thread. What we're doing is unprecedented, and I speak to you with great pride and honor to be able to lead this amazing team.  

We will continue our fight to end suffering on all fronts and take on those who wish to harm the defenseless animals of this world.  In my mind there is no greater calling than to be in a position to save lives.

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