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Notes from Haiti: Day 2

checking on farm animals in and outside of town, and helping assess the humanitarian situation

  • A goat rummaged through trash. HSI

  • A responder assesses a horse in Haiti. HSI

  • Checking the health of a goat. HSI

9:30 p.m. EST

In a late-evening report from the team, we learned that after assessing conditions at the zoo, responders visited a town outside of Port-au-Prince called Croix-des-Bouquets to check on the farm animal situation.

There, they saw goats, chickens and horses.

All appeared okay, but many structures for housing animals were in ruin throughout the area.

Our responders plan to visit another town about two hours outside of Port-au-Prince called Leogane to check on farm animals there as well.

Meanwhile, doctors from a New York hospital working on the ground in Haiti have asked for our team’s help in reviewing the human situation in these outer towns as well, since many of the humanitarian groups don’t have vehicles or access out of Port-au-Prince such as we have managed to obtain. Some believe there may still be people—alive—buried under the rubble in these smaller towns.

Finally, our team plans to explore the rumor that dogs are eating human cadavers. The local people have heard talk of this and will guide them to the location where it is said to be happening.

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