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Haiti Update - Jan. 24

Continuing our efforts to help animals, humans too

  • Working with the local population to help animals. HSI

  • Horses, people in Haiti. HSI

  • Our team discusses the situation with Haitians. HSI

12:45 p.m. EST

We’ve discovered that we are one of the better-prepared groups on the ground in Port-au-Prince, so we have been working with humanitarian and other organizations to provide supplies and conduct assessments in outer areas.

This morning our responders provided medical supplies to doctors working in the capital, and then headed out to the Quiskeya University to check out reports of large numbers of animals on site. The Metro Boston disaster medical assistance team stationed there helped us conduct an assessment of the area. Fortunately, we encountered no injured animals.

Afterwards we left for Leogane, an area considered one of the worst affected in the country. After viewing the devastation—building flattened, many people dead and displaced—we agree that it could possibly be in worse shape than Port-au-Prince.

We spoke with farmers there and discovered that their horses and cattle had survived the earthquake in pretty good shape, but there were concerns about the effect of the disaster on their health, energy, and milk production going forward. We’re exploring the possibilities for a long-term husbandry project in this region.

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