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Animal Activists En Masse in Iowa

100 citizens join The HSUS to lobby legislators

The Humane Society of the United States

by Carol Griglione
Iowa State Director

About 100 citizens from across Iowa participated in Humane Lobby Day 2010 last month at the statehouse in Des Moines in support of animal protection legislation and to meet with lawmakers to urge them to pass animal protection bills.


The Humane Society of the United States sponsored Humane Lobby Day; and the Iowa Federation of Humane Societies co-hosted the event with HSUS. It was an opportunity for Iowa advocates to gather and demonstrate the importance of animal welfare legislation in our state. 



A major push this year was a puppy mill bill that, upon complaint, gives the state officials the authority to inspect mass-scale puppy production facilities that are federally licensed by the USDA. Until now, state officials were only permitted to inspect dog breeding facilities that sell puppies directly to the public, such as over the Internet or through classified ads.


Representatives Jim Lykam and Mark Kuhn and Senators Joe Seng and Matt McCoy worked tirelessly on this legislation to ensure strong animal welfare laws relating to puppy mills in Iowa are in place.


Governor Chet Culver signed the bill into law earlier this month!

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