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Lobby Day at the Gold Dome

Georgia activists take animal friendly agenda to legislators

The Humane Society of the United States

Humane Lobby Day

by Cheryl McAuliffe
Georgia State Director

Our Georgia Humane Lobby Day began on a rainy, cold morning in a church across from the capital building, known as "Gold Dome" for its gold leafing. About 50 enthusiastic people came through the door bursting with energy to help the animals who need it so badly. 

Everyone listened intently as we talked about what The HSUS does on a grand scale, and on a local scale, and how the members of HSUS were part of that great work.  We went over federal and state legislation and how a bill is passed.  Then came time for actual role playing on how we would talk to our elected officials. This brought a few laughs and, hopefully, put people a little more at ease.  After the preparation, we all walked across the street in small groups of about 10 accompanied by an experience citizen lobbyist who was the "guide" for that group.  This person was there to help them get where they were going and answer any questions that they had.

After the meetings, participants gathered in a large room at the Capitol which had been furnished by an animal friendly legislator. Everyone enjoyed the experience and most legislators responded favorably to the bills.

One person summed it up by saying "I had so dreaded coming down here and speaking with my officials, but it was such a great experience that I am committed to getting really involved in this process!"

Want to get involved and make a difference for Georgia's animals? Join our HSUS Georgia Group on Facebook.

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