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Seal Hunt 2010: They're Coming

A "Live from the Ice" dispatch from Rebecca Aldworth, director of Humane Society International/Canada

Humane Society International

Sealers Dragging Three Pups

Sealers drag slaughtered baby seals back to their boat in the 2009 hunt. Kathy Milani /The HSUS

Every year the ProtectSeals team faces extreme weather conditions as we bear witness to Canada's commercial seal slaughter.

This year is no different. Separated by freezing fog from the men who are slaughtering defenseless seals, our helicopter is slowly making its way north.

This is one of the worst parts of documenting the seal slaughter ... the knowledge that the killing could have begun, and there is nothing we can do except try to get it on film to share with the world.

Today marks my 12th year in a row observing this bloodbath. Every year that I come to this horrible place of slaughter I pray it will be my last, and I know you must feel exactly the same.

But long ago, I made a promise to the seals. As I watched a bloody club smash into the skull of a crying pup, I pledged that I would not stop—not for a second—until we shut this abomination down forever. I have not forgotten that pledge, and I never will. We will fight for the baby seals until we have won. In this, their darkest hour, we will be there. And I promise them—and you—that we will win.

Together, we will bring this bloody industry to a final end. Thank you for standing with the ProtectSeals team. As we fly through the rain and fog toward the sealing boats, I know we’re not here alone ... each and every one of you reading this is here with us in the fight to save the seals.

Support the end of the seal hunt in Canada: donate to save seals, or sign the pledge to boycott seafood from Canada»

Rebecca Aldworth is Executive Director of Humane Society International/Canada. For the past decade, she has been a firsthand observer of Canada's commercial seal hunt, escorting more than 100 scientists, parliamentarians and journalists to the ice floes to witness the slaughter.

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