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2010 Seal Slaughter: First Images

Please help the seals. Take action below.

  • A sealer drags a clubbed, bloody seal back to the boat. Gray Mitchell/HSI

  • A weeks-old baby seal is clubbed to death in Canada. Gray Mitchell/HSI

  • We captured this image of a sealer slaughtering two baby seals from our helicopter. Frank Loftus/HSI

  • The boats were covered in the blood of baby seals. Gray Mitchell/HSI

  • A sealer lifts his weapon to kill a baby seal. Michelle Riley/HSI

Despite record low ice levels that contributed to the deaths of countless baby seals, Canada opened its cruel seal slaughter this year, aiming to take the lives of hundreds of thousands more.

Please stand with us as we document the cruelty and share the images with the world.

With your support, we can shut down this atrocity, once and for all.

Make a gift today to help the seals. And learn more about what you can do to help the seals.

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