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Puppy Mill Task Force Rescues 75 Small Dogs

"Free at last"

Missouri puppy mill Chihuahuas rescued Jan. 2011

Kathleen Summers/HSUS

"Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last."

Over Martin Luther King Day weekend, staff from The HSUS' Maddie's Fund Puppy Mill Task Force arrived in Missouri to assist a local shelter with the care, transport, and placement of more than 75 shih tzus, poodles, Chihuahuas, schnauzers and other small dogs who had been relinquished by two puppy mills in Missouri.

Two tiny Chihuahuas, believed to be mother and daughter, one six pounds and one merely three, were dressed in warm sweaters for the first time in their lives, and introduced to new luxuries such as a fleece blanket and cuddler-style dog bed. At first, the trembling dogs hardly seemed to know what to do with such extravagances, but the next morning they each were found comfortably curled up in their new bed, enjoying the warmth of a nearby heater.

The HSUS transported 73 of the dogs back to Maryland, where they were our Emergency Shelter Placement Partners welcomed them to further recuperation and placement. We will continue to track the progress of each of these dogs to ensure that all treatable dogs are placed in loving new homes.

—Kathleen Summers, Manager, Puppy Mills Campaign

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