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Animal Rescue Team Continues to Help Animals from Parrots to Horses

Field notes on our rescue and shelter work from Mississippi to Missouri to Montana

Animal Rescue Team

  • Creatures great and small are finding refuge in the Joplin shelter. Bruce E. Stidham/STIDZ Media

  • To everyone's delight, this man came to the shelter to pick up one of his lost dogs—just as his other dog was brought in. Julie Castaneda/HSUS

  • Many reunions were quite moving, as when Teddy's mom came to get him. Bruce E. Stidham/STIDZ Media

Our dedicated staff and volunteers on the ground sent in these brief notes on recent highlights of their work.

Joplin, Missouri

The numbers are staggering: More than 800 animals have passed through the Joplin emergency shelter doors since the deadly tornado swept through the area a week ago. Our staff and NDART volunteers are pitching in with sheltering operations.

The most gratifying number is the amazing 216 animals who have been reunited with their families. An HSUS staffer reports heartwarming reunions of people who have lost everything—including loved ones—with their pets.

Animal rescue in the devastated Joplin area is a true collaborative effort. The ASPCA called us in, and we are working alongside the ASPCA with American Humane Association, Sumter DART, KSART, Humane Society of Missouri, Code 3, United Animal Nations, and Joplin Animal Adoption and Resource Center.


One of the horses injured in the tornado died of his injuries. Overcome by emotion at this loss, the owners of these horses still took the time to thank us for our continued support. We will pay the veterinary bill for all the horses treated after the tornado.


Severe floods from rain and snowmelt threaten areas of Montana. News reports say this could be the worst flooding in the state in decades.

The Musselshell River crested four feet above the record, affecting farming and ranching in the community of Roundup, Mont. Animal EdVentures in rural Roundup asked HSUS to bring them supplies because road closures kept them from their stranded animals. This exotic animal sanctuary needed bananas, melons, sweet potatoes, and other specialty diet items for their parrots, mammals, and reptiles. The supplies were delivered by 6:30 that evening.

Our staff also rescued a mallard and her three ducklings from a storm sewer.

Natchez, Mississippi

We transferred dozens of dogs last week from the Natchez area to our placement partners in the D.C. area.

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