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Dogs Named Isis, Bologna, and Cheese Get Shelter

Field report from our rescue and sheltering work after floods and tornadoes

Animal Rescue Team

  • Say "Cheese!" This cheerful beagle is getting loving care at the emergency shelter in Natchez. Darci Adams/HSUS

  • Bologna was found running along the Mississippi riverbank with Cheese. Darci Adams/HSUS

  • Isis' owner had the wisdom to let her go in hopes of her finding a wonderful home. Jackie Beckstead/HSUS

Yesterday was a devastating day across many parts of the United States. A violent tornado outbreak occurred again last evening, resulting in multiple fatalities in three states (Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas) and likely resulting in stranded animals, too.

The Animal Rescue Team is monitoring the situations closely to see where we can be of the most help.

At our emergency shelter in the Mississippi river town of Natchez, some residents have taken their pets home since the river crested on Friday.  For some of the animals, however, this historic flooding marks the start of a new life.  The HSUS is transporting a number of surrendered and homeless animals from the flood zone to shelters in the D.C. area, to alleviate the burden on local shelters while those in the affected area recover from the flooding.

Scan previous field notes from our rescue work, and make a donation to help the Animal Rescue Team stay in the field.

Meet Sweet Isis

One rescued dog is a sweet shepherd mix named Isis.  When Isis' owner stopped by to check out our emergency shelter it was obvious that she loved Isis and was very concerned about her well-being, and we reassured her that we would take care of Isis like she was one of our own beloved dogs. 

When she came back to drop Isis off, we assisted in removing the dog from the truck as she was unable to lift Isis out on her own.  The woman  had taken Isis in when a friend had given her up and she wanted Isis to have a chance at a new life. She admitted that she was overwhelmed with caring for Isis, as she was also caring for her ill husband. 

She called the emergency shelter several times to check on Isis, and after hearing that The HSUS was planning to transport some of the area's homeless animals to less crowded shelters up north, she decided it was best for Isis to surrender her so she would find a new family who could give her all the love and attention she needed. 

When she came to say goodbye to Isis it was a heartfelt moment that brought tears to the eyes of the shelter staff.

Bologna and Cheese, anyone?

Two other shelter residents who will find new homes in the north are lovable characters the staff named Bologna and Cheese.  The sheriff's department found these two beagle mixes running along the Mississippi riverbank, picked them up, and brought them to our emergency shelter. Their sweet personalities really shine.

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