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Field Notes: Southern States Disaster Relief Effort

HSUS team helps with animal rescue and sheltering operations in the wake of recent tornadoes and expected flooding

  • The HSUS' Animal Rescue Team took lost and injured animals to safety. Connie Brooks

  • A mile-wide tornado affected all kinds of animals, not just pets. Connie Brooks

Alabama post-tornado community outreach

In Tuscaloosa, we are doing house-to-house searches for animals in the areas where the homes are damaged but not destroyed. In addition to looking for animals, we are talking to people in the neighborhoods about animal issues they may know about, delivering pet food, and generally offering anything we can do to help. 

We are operating three staging areas in the tornado areas where we can bring the animals we find, take in found animals from the public, take reports of lost animals, give out pet food, cages, and other supplies, etc.

Mississippi flood preparations

Adams County, on the La./Miss. border, is preparing for flooding evacuees to arrive next week. The county has requested that we establish and operate a temporary shelter for residents' animals during the time they are displaced, which we are ready to do.

Tennessee flood preparations

The HSUS is on notice for flooding expected in northwest Tennessee. It is a very rural area with significant livestock populations. We have large animal rescue equipment staged in Nashville, and it will be made available, if needed, to augment local rescue activities.

Missouri flood preparations 

On May 4, our intake numbers increased dramatically, and we are helping the ASPCA provide care to approximately 370 animals (everything from dogs and cats to horses, a goat, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more). Efficiency and standard operating procedures will be worked on tomorrow in order to ensure that the best humane care is provided to the animals in the shelter during this disaster situation.

Please make a donation now to keep us in the field helping the animals who need us so desperately

Other assistance

We are fielding multiple supply and personnel requests for other impacted areas such as Kentucky and Illinois. We are working with HSUS state directors to prioritize where resources are allocated, and identify partnerships with agencies, such as the ASPCA, that will positively influence our abilities to respond.

Learn how to be prepared for disasters in your area, and help The HSUS stand ready to rescue more animals.

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