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Field Notes: Update on Rescue and Sheltering Operations After Storms

Team continues to help animals, provide food and supplies, and prepare for more evacuations

  • The HSUS' Animal Rescue Team took lost and injured animals to safety. Connie Brooks

  • A mile-wide tornado affected all kinds of animals, not just pets. Connie Brooks


The HSUS Animal Rescue Team is focusing on night trapping in locations where many cats have been seen in earlier patrols and in locations where residents lost specific pets.

We helped set up an expanded temporary shelter at the Metro Animal Services Center in Tuscaloosa. The shelter is full of displaced pets, so we helped by reorganizing the shelter space and adding kennels in the back.

The ASPCA is sending a sheltering team from Washington Animal Rescue League to assist with the operation of the temporary shelter starting Wednesday.

We are closing down the Crescent Ridge station and consolidating everything in the Albert Baptist Church staging area. Food and other pet supplies are still in high demand, but the owner of the Crescent Ridge station property is back in business.

Since one of the Chihuahua puppies at the primary staging area tested positive for parvovirus, we set strict cleaning and quarantine guidelines. The puppy was doing slightly better by day's end.


We continue to assist the ASPCA in Missouri in providing care for hundreds of animals. Today's operations consisted of animal care, field operations, and taking in animals. Labeling, inventory, and vet exams were all a part of our shelter operations today. A few puppies were diagnosed with parvo and decontamination procedures continue.

We plan to close the temporary emergency shelters by May 17 in accordance with the local animal disaster plan. In the meantime, owners continue to return to pick up their animals after finding a safe place to stay themselves or because they have been able to return to their homes.


The Natchez temporary shelter is now fully staffed and equipped to handle 180 dogs and 35 cats, but could be expanded to handle more than 300 animals. We are prepared to take in animals from evacuating families as evacuations take place over the next days.

We are fielding requests from other parts of Mississippi as well.

Please make a donation now to keep us in the field helping the animals who need us so desperately

Learn how to be prepared for disasters in your area, and help The HSUS stand ready to rescue more animals.

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