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Field Notes: Successful Pet Reunions, Website for Lost Pets

Rescue team helps reunite lost pets; assists feral cats; finds more stranded animals in flood zone

  • The HSUS' Animal Rescue Team took lost and injured animals to safety. Connie Brooks

  • A mile-wide tornado affected all kinds of animals, not just pets. Connie Brooks


Miss Peggy, a lovely woman who has been diligently searching the rubble across the street from our primary staging area, is on her way here to make a positive identification on her last missing cat. Reunifications are now at 110, hoping that within the hour, Miss Peggy’s Angel will be the 111th. All of the found animals are now photographed and available for viewing on Petango.com.

Today, staff and volunteers sorted through lost reports to frame tonight’s trapping efforts. Thirteen primary areas will be addressed by two teams.

Alley Cat Allies continues to try to define a plan of assistance for feral cats. Neutering would be great, but release to original locations is not realistic as whole neighborhoods are totally destroyed. Bulldozing will go clear to the ground in these areas and no one will be living there for a long time to come. The immediate need is for fostering. We have tried very hard not to remove feral cats where there is an existing caregiver, and the majority of the cats recovered were pets.

A staffer is en route to Natchez, Miss. to assist with emergency sheltering efforts there.


The auditing of the permanently surrendered animal list is complete. Of the total 49 permanently surrendered animals, there are 20 confirmed dog surrenders and 29 confirmed cat surrenders. All animals that are verified as permanent surrenders have been marked on their cage and paper to prepare for potential transport when that is available. We are expecting animals to keep trickling out of the shelter, but expect approximately 125 animals to remain unclaimed.

One owner in particular wanted me to share how appreciative she is that all of our organizations have come to help this community. It is encouraging to know the community is seeing the cooperation and determination of our staff and volunteers.


Today we met with local emergency service workers in Tunica to aid in the rescue of stranded animals. We were accompanied by a local humane society worker and a boat operator into the waters of the flood area in Tunica. The water often was up to the top of the homes, with downed power lines and leaking propane tanks.

We were able to locate stranded cats and assess the situation. We quickly came up with best strategies for each individual home and cat.

We successfully saved five cats and identified five others as needing further time and trapping with food. The cats we rescued are outdoor pets and extremely scared at this time (with good reason). We applied best safety practices, given that these homes are mostly trailers and mostly underwater. It was, for lack of a better word, glorious on each save! We were elated for each cat to be given food and fresh water.

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