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Florida Cats Recuperate

Now that they are out of the hoarding situation, their personalities begin to shine

  • Tara Loller of the Animal Rescue Team has formed special bonds with several of these incredible cats. Branaman Photography

  • Many of these 697 cats have never experienced clean surroundings and human affection. The cats especially love their towel hammocks. Branaman Photography

  • Elaine Maestas of the Florida Institute of Animal Arts gets a quick high-five from one of the playful young tabbies at the temporary shelter. Branaman Photography

  • A volunteer holds Willow, a tiny Siamese whose gorgeous blue eyes and mellow personality have endeared her to our shelter staff. Branaman Photography

  • The HSUS is overseeing a dedicated team of local veterinarians selflessly giving their time to help care for these rescued cats. Many of the cats are already receiving daily medicines to help them recover. Branaman Photography

  • Our rescue team is currently treating this gorgeous tuxedo cat for multiple serious injuries to his face and ear. Branaman Photorgraphy

  • Tara Loller receives a trademark greeting from Velcro, who absolutely craves human affection and loves to climb on everyone’s shoulders. Branaman Photography

  • Open wide! The veterinarians are checking each cat’s dental health. Branaman Photography

  • Untreated illnesses have left Possum almost completely blind. Sadly, if she had received proper care earlier her eyesight could have been saved. Branamn Photography

  • This three-legged, one-eyed cat earned the nickname TriClops, and has quickly become a staff favorite. Branaman Photography

Earlier this month, The HSUS helped remove nearly 700 cats, many underweight and suffering various ailments, from unsanitary wire pens on an eight-acre property in High Springs, Fla.

All of the cats were transported to an emergency shelter for veterinary exams and treatment.

The HSUS and United Animal Nations are providing daily care for these cats until their custody is decided in a disposition hearing.

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